Jump in February Prepaid Wireless Consumers Suggest Tax Refund Effect

ShareTracker Reports Net New Customers Spiked more than 315 Percent

ShareTracker, the largest U.S. market research company dedicated to telecom market share and FlowShare measurement products and analytics, reports that in the month of February in 2016 it saw more than a 315 percent increase in net adds (new subscribers added, less disconnected customers) and an 11 percent increase in gross adds (total number of new subscribers added) during that same time period.

ShareTracker attributes these prepaid wireless customer additions during the month of February to tax refund season. It hypothesizes that consumers choose to spend a portion of their refund on prepaid wireless services that previously were not within their monthly spending budgets. ShareTracker sees a similar spike in December when consumers purchase wireless plans as gifts.

“We have seen this prepaid adds trend during tax season for more than five years and it has held steady,” said Eric Fogle, ShareTracker president. “Our data follows a similar trend to other consumer spending reports that show high consumer spending during the holiday season, low spending activity in January and then increased activity in February when consumers begin to receive their tax refunds.”

ShareTracker Prepaid Gross Adds by Month

ShareTracker data reports that over the past five years prepaid gross adds increased in February by an average of 14 percent, compared to a one percent average decrease seen month-over-month from March to November* since 2012.

ShareTracker Prepaid Net Adds by Month

ShareTracker data reports that over the past five years prepaid net adds increased in February by an average of 458 percent, compared to a 16 percent decrease seen  month-over-month from March to November* since 2012.

Additional charts show  the wireless carrier that had the most prepaid adds during the month of February over the past five years.

ShareTracker Feb. Gross Adds Winners
ShareTracker Feb. Net Adds Winners

ShareTracker’s wireless FlowShare measurements provide precise sizing of the market and customer switching. The patented process combines network traffic data with geographic and demographic detail to efficiently maximize insights. ShareTracker’s wireless panel encompasses 10 percent of all mobile subscribers in the U.S. every quarter, making it the largest wireless telecom sampling from any U.S. research company.

Results comprise subscribers that utilize voice and data devices. Data-only devices like tablets and mobile hotspots are not included in these results.

*March to November timeframe was selected to omit the large wireless customer additions seen in December during peak holiday season, stabilizing the averages.

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