ShareTracker Terminology: Gross Additions

Today, we are kicking off a new blog series called “ShareTracker Terminology.”

We’ll be breaking down different types of data metrics that ShareTracker can deliver. Our accurate data in turn helps answer pressing business questions such as, where geographically to launch a new product, how you’re fairing with customer churn, which markets are your strongest/weakest and more.

For the first installment of our ShareTracker Terminology series, we’re going to explain the two types of gross additions (gross adds or GA for short). When a customer starts new service with a provider, they are considered a gross add. If a wireline or wireless voice customer switches providers and keeps their old phone number, they are a ported gross add for the new provider.

These two kinds of gross adds appear differently in ShareTracker’s measurements. For a provider’s gross add, we see a wireless/wireline customer transition from unassigned (red) to assigned (green). When a customer switches service from one provider to another, we see both the old (blue) and new providers (orange), counting the gross add for the new provider. Those changes are counted in the second period of our measurements (middle circles).

Measuring gross adds allows ShareTracker to monitor providers’ abilities to attract new customers over time. Dividing the current period’s gross adds by the current number of subscribers creates a metric called the acquisition rate. Gross adds and acquisition rates can be indicators of marketing campaign or strategy success, highlighting growth or competition. For example, we’ve helped clients determine where to spend marketing advertising dollars based on breaking down gross adds by market.

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ShareTracker Terminology: Gross Additions
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