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is a committed and experienced team of market research and consulting professionals. We supply critical decision making data to telecom marketing, network planning, and operational management teams.

Our proven expertise is providing focused market research and complex data analysis in areas such as network planning and capital deployment, market segmentation, market share and FlowShare, competitive landscapes, operating support systems and GIS mapping.

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Wireless FlowShare

ShareTracker's exclusive process combines network traffic data with geographic and demographic detail to efficiently maximize insights.

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Wireline FlowShare

Wireline FlowShare, our original flagship product, continues to provide valueable insights and actionable metrics to marketing and management teams across the country.

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Broadband FlowShare

ShareTracker's market-level broadband FlowShare tracking provides a precise sizing of the competitive marketplace (both fixed and mobile) and the share and switching behavior of broadband households.

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Video FlowShare

ShareTracker's exclusive video FlowShare solution utilizes network analysis of large volumes of subscriber data to leverage household move details, bundle combinations, and surveys to accurately quantify service subscriptions and changes.

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