What is FlowShare?

At ShareTracker, we specialize in FlowShare products.

But what exactly is FlowShare? Is it:

A) Agricultural irrigation systems?

B) Rap recording sharing service?

C) Ice floe wrangling contraptions?

D) Telecommunication market share measurement and monitoring?

While the first three are interesting businesses, the correct answer is D.

With 10 years of experience working with some of the largest telecom companies in the United States, we have expertise in creating customized solutions that track telecom market share changes over time. We measure wireline and wireless voice, video and broadband services on both monthly and quarterly cadences. It’s good to know how your business is performing, but it’s better to know how your competitors are performing too.

Within this space, there are some terms and jargon that will be helpful to understand and are common to the telecom industry. Here’s a handy quick guide to some of those terms:

The core piece of any of our market share measurements is the number of current and active subscribers. They are    always broken out by provider, but can be divided into various segments as well, such as market, plan type or other demographics.

Gross Additions or New Inwards
New subscribers who sign up for and activate service in a particular period. These people either did not have a particular service previously or are adding an additional line.

Ports In or Competitive Gains
These subscribers are new to a particular provider, but had a different provider previously, aka a provider switcher.

Deactivations or Outwards
Subscribers who do not renew or cancel their service.

Ports Out or Competitive Losses
Subscribers who leave their current provider in favor for a different provider. Also a type of switcher.

Particular to the wireless industry, the segment describes the type of subscription, whether it’s an annual contract (postpaid) or month-to-month plan (prepaid). Several other wireless segments include reseller (MVNO), machine-to-machine (M2M), and data-only computing (mifi hotspots and tablets).

At ShareTracker, we live and breathe this data every day. We can tailor our measurements to your specific business needs, whether on a recurring or ad hoc basis. Send us an email or give us a call to let us know how we can help you grow!

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