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Wild Robo-dialers Beware!

A couple days ago here at ShareTracker, we saw an article about a lawsuit against Time Warner Cable for placing 153 automated calls to the wrong person, resulting in an award to the victim of more than $200,000. We immediately realized that ShareTracker’s phone number activity measurement platform could have mitigated the likelihood of this happening and possibly […]

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What is FlowShare?

At ShareTracker, we specialize in FlowShare products.

But what exactly is FlowShare? Is it:

A) Agricultural irrigation systems?

B) Rap recording sharing service?

C) Ice floe wrangling contraptions?

D) Telecommunication market share measurement and monitoring?

While the first three are interesting businesses, the correct answer is D.
FlowShare6.15 With 10 years of experience working with some of the […]

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